About Us

About Us

Howdy Friends,

Welcome to http://newsupdate24hr.com site your destination known About Latest News about the Tech, world, India, Education, and Entertainments

My name is Karan Singh, You can call me a Blogger, a corporate professional who is eager to learn & grow in his life.  I want to share my knowledge with the entire world so I found blogging is the best to share about education

About the blog:

If I talk about this blog I post quality content here on Latest  News and want to help you as per my capabilities.

About me:

My name is Karan Singh

I born in the small village of Haryana of India. Completed my studies there, after completing my Master’s Degree (MSc(IT)  in Computer Science I got a small job in Govt. School with the job I started blogging and YouTube as Part-Time.

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