Calcutta High Court upholds recruitment process of assistant teachers by WBSSC

The Calcutta High Court on Wednesday upheld the recruitment process of assistant teachers by the West Bengal School Service Commission (SSC).

Justice Rajasekhar Mantha dismissed a set of petitions that alleged irregularities in the recruitment process to the post of assistant teachers, to which the government has already appointed around 30,000 aspirants.

The petitioners have not been able to demonstrate any malafides on the part of the SSC in the process of selection, Justice Mantha said in the order.

Observing that none of the petitioners were able to indicate any specific case of any individual who ought not to have been selected or be empanelled or in the waiting list, the court ordered that in such circumstances, no relief can be granted in the instant writ petitions.

The court has, however, found that the WBSSC has deviated from rules prescribed for selection, Justice Mantha said in the order.

“Rules and strict adherence thereof are meant to ensure transparency. The SSC shall, therefore, ensure strict compliance of the rules in future,” he said.

Justice Mantha said that “it is, however, well-settled that not every infraction would invalidate the final result of any selection procedure.” The petitioners have not been able to give specific instances of impropriety that must be demonstrated to compel a court of law to interfere with the selection process, Justice Mantha said.

Examination process for recruitment of teachers in West Bengal’s government and aided schools included an Eligibility test also called Teacher Eligibility Test (TET)], a Subject Test and a Personality Test (Interview).

A zone-wise combined merit list was published in September, 2013, out of which around 30,000 aspirants were given appointment.

The court also observed that the petitioners have not impleaded the selected candidates or notified them of the instant proceedings, adding that the petitions could not have been admitted or entertained in the absence of the actual appointees who are about 30,000 in number.

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