Colleges affiliated to the University of Mumbai will not hike fees for the upcoming academic year

In a relief to aspiring students, colleges in and around the city will not be increasing their fees for the upcoming academic year in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. Existing and aspiring students will also be allowed to pay their tuition fees in instalments if the pandemic has affected their family’s income.

The University of Mumbai on Monday issued a notice to all its affiliated colleges asking the administration to not hike fees for the academic session of 2020-21. The notice is in line with the directions of the University Grants Commission (UGC). The apex body had written to universities and colleges last month asking them to not compel students into paying fees immediately.

A nationwide lockdown was put in place on March 24 to arrest the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Even as the lockdown continues in most parts of the country, the virus has affected over 4.5 lakh people in India. Meanwhile, the lockdown has affected the source of income of many.

Keeping this mind, the university has decided not to increase the fees for the new academic session at any of its affiliate colleges. “Owing to the lockdown announced on March 23, all industries, commercial work as well as jobs in the private sector have been affected financially. This has also affected the financial situation of the general public. Keeping this in mind, we, hereby, direct all affiliated colleges to not hike their fees for the next year,” read the notice. The university further allows existing and new students to pay their tuition fees in instalments.

“In line with the letter from the UGC and keeping in mind the lockdown, we are instructing colleges to not increase the fees for the next year and allowing students to pay tuition fees in instalments,” said officiating registrar of the university Vinod Patil.

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