Five tips to discover true potential of a child

All children have the capability to be a genius, all it requires is to hone their skills properly and mentor them towards the right path. They have the ability to change the world to a better place to live and it is the responsibility of parents to guide them to manifest their true talents. The cornerstone of this approach is to discover the true potential of children and guide them accordingly. Even though many parents wish to do this, most of them do not know the right methods to adopt. The following 5 tips will surely help each parent to understand their child better.

Use scientific assessment tools

Assessments help to understand children’s learning style, GRIT, 21st-century competencies, intelligence orientation, emotional quotient, personality and such vital attributes. Usually, the tools are developed according to the principles of psychometry and lifometry. Nowadays, there are many advanced systems that use Artificial Intelligence to provide a more accurate understanding. This is the most widely accepted method available across the world.

Ask the right questions

“What do you want to become, when you grow up?”, “Which are the three major strengths that helped you achieve top marks in the last exam?”, “How do you plan to overcome your major weaknesses?” – There are many such questions that help children to think in the right direction and discover the true self. Every parent should ask such powerful questions to children. This cannot be a one-time activity, but part of regular conversation.

Practise mindful observation

Every activity a child is involved with would be related to a different skill set or level of potential. Their ability in magic to mathematics and communication to computer can be understood through observing the way they carry out studies, games, sports and every other activity at home and outside. In order to discover their potential from these, parents should practice mindful observation, which is much higher than mere watching or casual witnessing of activities. It is important to ensure the full mind is in place while observing the child.

Interact with teachers and tutors

Teachers and tutors are the most reliable source of information. Instead of limiting the interaction with them to the progress report, marks and discipline of children, it is critical to understand the way they deal with friends. Learning more about the wards, such as how they communicate in class, take decisions, solve problems, analyse the scenario and such involvements will help in exploring their interests and analysing the aptitude. This can help parents understand many skills and talent of children which are usually not evident in general at home.

Follow the academic performance

Performance in various subjects, the way they approach each subject and the method of study can help parents understand various aspects of their potential. For example, a student who handles problems in Mathematics and Physics in a simpler and smoother manner would be good at Analytical Intelligence. The way they approach language studies can be an indicator of their level of verbal ability and communication. In order to induct to reach the right conclusions, parents should spend more time in this direction.

Practising these five steps would help you to move one step further in your journey to be a Super Parent who helps children to discover their true potential and reach the right future.

(The author is Praveen Parameswar, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Lifology. Views expressed are personal.)

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