HSSC exam conducted in schools amid elaborate arrangements in Goa

The Marathi paper of the Goa board HSSC examination was conducted in exam centres across the state on Wednesday. Goa government had earlier decided to hold the examinations from May 20 onwards.

The Marathi paper was conducted in schools across the state on Wednesday.

This comes as the SSC and HSSC examinations in the state were postponsed in view of the lockdown imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country.

“Remaining 12th standard papers have started from today. Today was Marathi. Of course the crowd is less. Not all students are appearing for Marathi paper. Some have already appeared for Konkani, Hindi, etc. So, number of students is less,” Deepak Amonkar, Principal KB Hedgewar Higher Secondary School in Bambolim, told ANI.

Elaborate arrangements, including social distancing and sanitsation, were made in the schools to conduct the examination.

“We have followed all the directives and guidelines provided by the government, Goa Board and Education Department. Everything has been done as directed. Two days back, we had our entire campus sanitised, including the floor and the benches,” Amonkar said.

“Proper guidelines were given to all supervisors and staff, who were there right from the gate. We did not allow parents to enter the campus. Students were allowed to enter the campus while maintaining proper distancing and wearing masks,” he added.

Vidya Naik, examimation in-charge at Cujira, Bambolim, said that the students were not allowed to gather around inside the campus and were directly sent to their classes.

“Sanitisers were provided to them. They were directly sent to their classes for the exams, and were not allowed to gather around in crowds. Only twelve benches were kept in one classroom. Otherwise, there are around 20 benches in a class,” Naik said.

She said that school staff ensured that the students maintained social distancing at all times and added that the exam volunteers ensured that students were wearing masks as well.

One of the students, who appeared for the exam, said that the school administration ensured proper safety mesures for the students.

“All the services provided were very good. They even checked our temperature after one hour. It wasn’t as risky as we had thought it would be. We had felt the exam shouldn’t have been conducted right now amid the coronavirus crisis,” the student said.

Sanjay Gauthankar, father of a student here, commended the state government over the decision to conduct the examination right away.

“This is a good decision. The risk is low right now, so exam can be conducted. The students have also been worried sick about their exams. It has already been delayed for long,” Gauthankar said.

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