IIT Bombay hasn’t paid its maintenance staff

A student body at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, has claimed that contractual workers on campus such as maintenance workers, housekeeping staff, mess workers and construction workers haven’t been paid by the institute administration since the lockdown was announced.

In multiple letters to the administration, the IIT Bombay for Justice forum has demanded that the institute pay wages to all its contractual workers, including those who have left campus amid the lockdown owing to Covid-19 outbreak.

“In the light of the situation of non-payment of the wages for different sections of the workers in IIT Bombay, we demand that wages of the construction labourers for the period of lockdown, which has been denied for more than two months now, be paid in full.

Wages must be paid not only to those who remain but also to those who have left the campus. Wages must be paid to mess workers employed with contractors. In the case of these workers, the institute IS the principal employer. A safe travel arrangement should

be made by the IIT administration in consultation with the state machineries for those workers who want to go home,” read the letter issued by the students forum. Despite repeated attempts, the institute administration was unable for a response.

However, HT has accessed a letter issued by AK Suresh, deputy director, academic and infrastructural affairs, to all campus residents on April 29. In the letter, Suresh has claimed that the institute has released salaries to labourers employed on campus. “In respect of mess workers, except three messes, for all other messes, payments are up to date and the delay in the case of these three messes are being addressed expeditiously,” said the letter.

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