New Education Policy 2020: NEP focus on healthy pupil-teacher ratio

New Education Policy 2020: The New Education Policy focuses heavily on filling vacancies for teachers and also pays attention to an often neglected aspect – the pupil-teacher ratio.

First, teacher vacancies will be filled at the earliest, in a time-bound manner – especially in disadvantaged areas and areas with large pupil-to-teacher ratios or high rates of illiteracy, says the policy document.

“Special attention will be given to employing local teachers or those with familiarity with local languages. A pupil-teacher ratio (PTR) of under 30:1 will be ensured at the level of each school; areas having large numbers of socio-economically disadvantaged students will aim for a PTR of under 25:1,” lays down the policy.

Teachers will be trained, encouraged, and supported – with continuous professional development – to impart foundational literacy and numeracy, it says.

“On the curricular side, there will be an increased focus on foundational literacy and numeracy – and generally, on reading, writing, speaking, counting, arithmetic, and mathematical thinking – throughout the preparatory and middle school curriculum, with a robust system of continuous formative/adaptive assessment to track and thereby individualize and ensure each student’s learning. Specific hours daily – and regular events over the year-on activities involving these subjects will be dedicated to encourage and enthuse students. Teacher education and the early grade curriculum,” the policy document says.

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