Paintings of school girl from Hyderabad to adorn restaurant in London

Artworks of a school girl from Hyderabad are set to adorn the walls of a restaurant in London after its owner impressed by her paintings bought six of them.

Syeda Ashna Turabi, a standard tenth student, has been painting since her childhood, and recently her father started posting her works on social media to showcase her talent.

“Art is my hobby. I use acrylic colours, coffee, and ink in my paintings. I also do pencil sketches. My father started posting my paintings on social media, and from there I got an order from London,” said the teenager.

She further told ANI that the people who ordered her panting are about to open a restaurant in south London which will serve Hyderabadi food, and for the establishment, they are buying her artwork.

“They are starting a restaurant in south London which will serve Hyderabadi food. They selected six of my paintings, each of five to six feet,” she said.

Syeda further said that she is planning to do a series of paintings on multiple subjects to explore Indian Culture.

“I am planning to do a series of paintings on various subjects. Through these series, I will try to explore Indian Culture and will conduct an exhibition of my artworks in the future,” she added.

Syeda’s father Urooj Turabi told ANI that he is proud of his daughter’s talent, and encourage her to take it further.

“I am very happy that she has acquired this talent. Many people have been praising her for her artwork, and it makes me more proud. I will keep supporting her and wish that she will get international recognition for her work in future,” said Turabi.

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