Rajasthan govt to provide free coaching to civil services aspirants

The Rajasthan government will provide free coaching through reputed institutions to civil services aspirants belonging to various tribes and Sahariya community, a minister said on Thursday.

The Tribal and Regional Development Department will soon start the TAD Super-30 project.

Minister of State for Tribal and Regional Development Arjun  Bamania said the project will be started pursuant to the budget announcement to provide free coaching to students preparing for competitive examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC). 

Thirty selected aspirants — 20 men and 10 women — will be given online coaching to prepare for the civil services examinations, the minister said in a statement. 

Prestigious institutions of Rajasthan will impart coaching, he added.  He said that to take advantage of the scheme, it is necessary for a candidate to pass the graduation examination with minimum 60 per cent marks. Along with that, it is necessary to have the requisite ST certificate and on-line coaching facility with them. 

The minister expressed hope that the move will not only improve the educational, economic and social status of the aspirants, but also help them play their role in the development process of the country.

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