Students tie rakhis on trees with ‘Save Environment’ messages in Moradabad

Students in Moradabad celebrated Rakshabandhan in a unique way by tying rakhis on trees with messages like ‘Save Environment’ and ‘Save Trees, Save Life’.

This was done by the students in an attempt to raise awareness about the environment.

Speaking to ANI, Shilpi Saini, a student said, “Taking this opportunity to spread awareness about the environment, we are tying rakhi on the trees. With the messages ‘Save Environment’ and ‘Save Trees, Save Life,’ we want to tell everyone how beneficial are the trees.”

“With the rise in population, the trees are being chopped down. It is our responsibility to protect these trees and it helps our environment,” said another student, Pushpanjali Singh.

Singh added, “Rakshabandhan is known as a sign of protection. Likewise, we want to protect the trees as they do the same for us.”

Rakshabandhan, which is being celebrated today, is a celebration of the unique bond between brothers and sisters. Tying of the Rakhi by sisters, symbolises love, affection and mutual trust between brothers and sisters.

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