Unaided private schools in UP announces upto 20% fee concession

Unaided Private Schools’ Association, Uttar Pradesh, on Friday announced relief for parents, whose income was hit during the lockdown period, by giving upto 20 concession to their wards amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“At the time when the whole world is struggling with the outbreak of corona virus, private schools despite facing financial crisis have decided to help parents by giving them upto 20% fee concession,” said Anil Agarwal, president of the association.

Agarwal said this concession will be given only to those parents who have suffered financial crisis due to the lockdown.

“In this regard, a letter will have to be given by the parents in writing to the school management and on that basis parents will be helped,” he said.

The office-bearers of the association have decided if such parents do not deposit fees even then, such students will be denied online education.

He also said all the schools of the association started online education in which a lot of money was being spent as no financial support had been provided by the government in this regard.

Agarwal claimed that the unaided private schools had not increased the fee despite the fact all other expenses were being incurred by the schools. He appealed that all those parents who may afford should come forward and deposit fees.

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