Uttarakhand’s teacher creates inspirational audio stories for children in hill districts

Using the time during the epidemic to a better effect, a young government teacher in Pauri Garhwal of Uttarakhand is making audio motivational stories for school students in the hill districts.

Based on moral, inspirational, mythological and folk stories, Ashish Negi, a native of Pauri town has recently completed 100 stories which are followed by more than ten thousand students and their parents on a daily basis.

Noticing the popularity of his unique audio stories, Akashwani Radio Centre Pauri is also now airing his stories for children on a daily basis.

So how come the idea struck to him, Ashish, who is also involved in theatre said that owing to reports coming about that long hours of the online study was stressful for the eyes of children, he thought to use audio recorded storytelling.

“My grandmother used to tell me such stories during my childhood days before sleeping. So, I upload one story per day on social media in the evening so children could listen to them before sleep and they get same experience,” said Ashish.

Such is the popularity of these stories that children eagerly await in the evening for a new story which are also available to them through social media posts and special chat groups made by Ashish.

Pre-COVID-19 pandemic, Ashish used to hold theatre and craft workshops for rural children under ‘Dagadiya’ group banner.

Acclaimed veteran theatre artist Yamuna Ram lauding efforts of Ashish said that such youths bode well for the future of the society. He pointed out that he himself has treaded various rural villages of Garhwal-Kumaon division as well as other states for theatre workshops with Ashish.

Noted folk singer Narendra Singh Negi, acknowledging initiative of Ashish, said that young teacher has redefined the role of a government teacher not confining himself to teaching hours only.

Ashish has also made a mini-library of children books, magazines, newspapers and school education-related journals at his home, where children are allowed to read them free of cost.

“Before sleeping, I ensure my 7 year-old daughter Aanya listens to these stories which are told in such a style that children get glued to them. These stories have a moral message or knowledge which is beneficial for child’s mental upbringing which is main aim of of these stories,” said Khushboo, a teacher and resident of Jwalapur.

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