Adah Sharma shoots for an ad after coronavirus lockdown

Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma shared a photo of her with the full protective gear on.

Actress Adah Sharma has resumed work after the stringent lockdown. She says it was like going to a battlefield. She has shot for a commercial for a coffee brand. The script was tweaked a bit to make the shoot possible.

Sharing a photo of her with the full protective gear on, she tweeted: “Back on set! my first shoot after the lockdown’s lifted. shooting for an ad commercial, with a crew of less than 20 people all sanitised with masks and shields. it feels like we’re going on a battlefield but we’re all on the same side, all of us against CORONA! sharing videos. stay tuned.”

Talking about her lockdown period, the “Commando” star had earlier said, “From slicing watermelons to doing cartwheels, reading scripts and learning to mimic all the bird whistles — this lockdown has been quite productive.”

Shooting for Adah’s next film “Man To Man”, where she plays a man, is almost done.

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