Amitabh Bachchan replies to woman who said she ‘totally lost respect’ for him

Amitabh Bachchan replies to woman who said she 'totally lost respect' for him
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Amitabh Bachchan replies to woman who said she ‘totally lost respect’ for him

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan who is an avid social media user was quick to share the good news of him testing coronavirus negative on Sunday. He got discharged and wrote, “This morning I have tested COVID negative and have been discharged from Hospital. I am back home. I will have to be in solitary quarantine in my room. The grace of the Almighty, the blessings of Ma Babuji, the prayers and duas of near and dear and friends and fans & EF.. and the excellent care and nursing at Nanavati has made it possible for me to see this day. With folded hands I express my gratitude.” As soon as he shared the update, many fans expressed their excitement and prayed for his long life. However, there was a lady who criticized him for allegedly advertising for the hospital. 

The woman complained about how her 80-year-old father wrongly tested COVID-19 and suffered bed sores which led to infection in the same hospital. Her comment read, “Mr Amitabh, it’s really sad the kind of advertisement you’re doing for a hospital like that who don’t care about human life and only want to make money…Sorry but totally lost respect for you.”

Replying to the woman, Big B wrote, “Jhanvi ji .. I am truly sorry to learn of what your dear and respected Father had to go through and the subsequent problems he developed. I have been in and out of Hospitals from a young age and with medical conditions that have all been extremely severe. There is a certain Code of Conduct in the medical profession and I have noticed that the doctors, specialists, nurses management all put the utmost in the care of the patient on hand.”

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He added, “NO.. I do not advertise for the Hospital, I want to thank them for THE care and treatment that I got from Nanavati I shall and have done it for every hospital that I have been admitted to and SHALL CONTINUE TO DO SO WITH GREAT RESPECT! You may have lost respect for me but let me tell you Jhanvi ji, I shall never lose respect for the medical profession and the Doctors of my country. And one last thing.. MY RESPECT AND RESPECTABILITY is not going to be judged by you.”

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Big B recently thanked popular Indian milk brand, Amul, for their latest ad campaign and wrote, “Thank you Amul for continuously thinking of me in your unique poster campaigns … varshon se Amul ne sammanit kiya hai mujhe ek sadharan shakshiyat ko amulya banaa diya mujhe.”

A user trolled him and wrote, “Kam se kam muft mein toh amulya nahin banen honge… tay rakam li hogi. Saal dar saal badhi hogi.” The 77-year-old actor responding to him said, “Bahut badi galat faimi mein chal rahen hain aap, miyan. Jab sach na maloom ho toh aapne swachh mukh ko swachh rakhiye. Na toh main Amul ko endorse karta hoon aur na kabhi kiya hain. Teer chalaane se pehle soch samajh lena chahiye, nahin toh woh aap pe hi aakar geerenge, jaise ki abb hua hai. Teer ki jagah jo mahawraa iss vishaye par woh kisi aur padaarth ka varnan karta hai. Meri sabhya parvarish ne mujhe uss ka varnan karne se rokk diya.”

Big B’s granddaughter Aaradhya and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had tested negative for coronavirus earlier and were discharged from hospital.

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