Music composer Salil Bhayani’s score for video game set in India catches eye in the US

Music composer Salil Bhayani's score for video games set in India catches eye in the US

Music composer Salil Bhayani’s score for video games set in India catches eye in the US

Los Angeles-based music writer Salil Bhayani’s score for computer games by Studeio Olemingus has caught the consideration of American crowd and got basic gratefulness, a public statement on Monday said. The game, set in a reconsidered pioneer India, has featured in various intuitive workmanship all over the world involving Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Videogame Art Gallery in Chicago. 


“The games are scheduled to return to the US exhibitions in 2021 and Bhayani anticipates a fascinating cultural influx between the real post-coronavirus world and the imaginative world of the mysterious pre- and post-colonial India,” the statement read. 

Bhayani, the lead author of Studio Olemingus, made a piece of ideal music that would commend the game’s motivation, which means to “become sites of powerful democratic discourse, and an anti-Colonial archive for places of entangled heritage.” 

The 31-year-old Mumbai local is a champ at The Dreamachine International Film Festival for Best Score and had been assigned at Top Indie Film Awards. 

The Berklee College of Music graduate is a passionate adherent of Indian music maestro AR Rahman. “We all owe so much to A.R. Rahman. The great Master revived Indian music and brought it into worldwide prominence,” Bhayani said.

“That concert, a part of honoring Rahman with a doctorate by Berklee College of Music in Boston became a turning point for me. I realized how much I love and cherish my Indian music heritage, how deep and rich it is, and how my world view is so deeply influenced by it.





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