Sushant Singh Rajput death case: #SSRCulpritsBehindBar trends

Sushant Singh Rajput death case: #SSRCulpritsBehindBar trends

Sushant Singh Rajput death case: #SSRCulpritsBehindBar trends

On Tuesday, netizens trended a hashtag on Twitter demanding that culprits in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case be put behind bars. Throughout the day, #SSRCulpritsBehindBar kept trending on Twitter with tweets claiming foul play in Sushant’s death, and demanding that culprits be arrested.

“CONTRADICTION in their Statements. NO ONE seen SSR while Hanging. KESHAV is being Grilled by CBI,” alleged a user.

“Bring those MURDERERS in front of the world… Let the truth come out.. it’s high time to revive the sanity if the polluted society,” demanded another user.

“CBI please arrest these culprits & take action against them. We don’t want these culprits roaming freely anymore after what they have done,” urged another user.

A section of the netizens also pointed a finger at film producer Sandip Ssingh, who claimed to be a close friend of the late actor. Netizens have started speculating that Sandip might leave India soon. As a result, the hashtag #SandeepSingh trended on Tuesday, too.

“Sandeep Singh call details — he called Ambulance driver 4 time between 14 June to 16 June. Why he was having his number?” questioned a user.

“This #SandeepSingh shud be kicked arrested b4 he leaves the country. I hope that CBI doesn’t linger on & be swift as these wretched people will get time. I was sure that these so called friends were the venomous snakes as #SSRKilledOn14June was too simple #SSRCulpritsBehindBar,” shared another user.

“SSR Case Important Update: I am telling from two months that Sandeep singh is the crisis manager in this whole case. Now, as per news sources, he may fly from India. CBI should take him in custody immediately!!” tweeted another user.

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