Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: Jethalal’s eagerness to hand over maintenance cheque leaves Bhide confused

Jethaa Lal insists Bhide to accept the cheque
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Jethaa Lal insists Bhide to accept the cheque

The upcoming episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah (TMKOC), produced by Neela Film Productions Private Limited, will see Jethaa Lal desperately wanting to hand over the Society’s maintenance cheque to Bhide, that too much in advance of the due date. This puzzles Bhide completely. Jethaa Lal, who otherwise has to be given constant reminders to pay for the monthly maintenance bill, has personally come over at the Secretary’s (Bhide) house to hand it over. But Bhide refuses to accept the cheque and Jethaa Lal’s motive behind diligently handing over the cheque remains unaccomplished.

India Tv - Bhide gets suspicious when Jethaa Lal pays the maintenance bill before the due date

Image Source : PR IMAGE

Bhide gets suspicious when Jethaa Lal pays the maintenance bill before the due date

The truth behind Jethaa Lal trying to be a Good Samaritan out of the blue is his attempt to do a good deed to get rid of his continued nightmares. Preparing fresh, hot pakoras for his friend Taarak Mehta was part of the same plan but again thanks to Goli, he could not accomplish it. And next, it was his plan to make Bhide happy by giving him the maintenance payment in advance. But the Society has agreed to defer the payments for all of Gokuldham’s residents citing the disruption to everyone’s lives and incomes because of the lockdown.

It almost looks like the universe is conspiring against Jethaa Lal. His attempts and therefore he, remains eluded at doing a good deed which in turn means having to suffer more nightmares. Nothing is going Jethaa Lal’s way and he’s about to give up. But as we all know, something always miraculously saves the day for Jethaa Lal and of course, this particular situation in his life is no exception. While all of this plays out, the one thing that viewers are assured of is tons of rib-tickling laughter and unparalleled entertainment.


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